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Situated in the Hurlingham Conservation Area, this picturesque dwelling required sensitivity to its context.  

We had a brief to extend the existing storage basement whilst also looking at remodelling the other floor, increasing the efficiency of space and maximising light. The new design will allow for two additional guest bedrooms, a master bedroom suite, new bathrooms and an open-plan kitchen with dining space. Originally the house was 160sqm; the proposal aims to almost double that through these manoeuvres, with the basement being the main focus of additional space.

With such extensive work being done to the basement, it was imperative to welcome natural daylight to the new space. To achieve this, a lightwell will come through the house down to the basement level.

Our sensitive approach will establish a relationship between the old and new and ground itself in the existing context, retaining the original picturesque the local vernacular entailed. 


Internal Reconfiguration

Rear and Basement Extension


Hurlingham Park, London


June 2022 - present

images coming soon, planning something special...

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